Acustica Audio become a sponsor of the conference

Acustica Audio creates faithful software plug-in emulations of rare vintage or modern hardware gear and new hybrids impossible in the analogue domain. Acustica’s development approach is unique for the market and it is based on dynamic sampling and Volterra series nonlinear convolution. This approach allows for the creation of plug-ins that deliver accurate phase and transient response, and gear-like tone which will make you smile! This makes Acustica’s products very suitable for mastering applications. Examples of possible emulations include equalisers, compressors, circuit distortions/colours, flangers, analogue or digital reverbs, acoustics of real spaces, clippers, microphones and loudspeakers, echos units, dynamic equalisers, and others. Acustica also builds dedicated analogue circuits in order to sample and include these in their software. Their main product, the ‘Nebula’ gear sampler, is in version 4 now and it has been around since 2005. N4 and the free N4 Player are both capable of loading 3rd party gear libraries. The company website hosts the official online store for such libraries and an entire line of standalone Nebula-based plug-ins known as ‘the Aqua range’.